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As the pace of progress within existing markets increases year on year there are both new opportunities and substantial challenges to the successful and established companies across many industries. One of the key pathways through this modern landscape is often summed up in the all-encompassing term ‘Digital Transformation’. The definition varies depending on who you ask, but broadly speaking is a mix of modernisation of IT infrastructure and movement to more Agile methodologies. In…


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This is the introductory poster for the Multi-agent learning in dynamic systems series. In systems with a large number of agents there are fundamental pressures on the centralised coordination techniques used to provide inter-communication, task orchestration, and routing of messages. As the scale of interacting components expands, we reach resource constraint plateaus, where computation, storage, or communication pathways become saturated. At these points we must decompose each agents…


10-Minute Read

One of the most common challenges as businesses transform more of their traditional capabilities into digital ones is the breadth and depth of the change itself. Core changes to the organisational structure, processes, and culture. The functional components and interactions of these aspects of a large organisation help to define what we mean when we talk about complex systems. But it is also when we look through the lens of complex systems that we can get a different vision of change. Seeing it…



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